Life Cycle Analysis


Every divine creation’s soul contains their set of duties, difficulties and happy moments they have to experience here on Earth.

The people they have to meet, the situations and tasks they must face, everything. One way or another they will be met, but it would be better if we knew what opportunities laid ahead. Had I known I would end up doing what I do now I probably would have avoided doing certain things, or would have been more fearless when expressing my heart’s desire. In hindsight I believe it all benefited me, still one must wonder: is it better that I didn’t know?


It’s equally the same when it comes to channeling. We don’t get answers for everything, for we might not go through some painful experiences, which are crucial for our growth. Where would you be and what kind of life would you have if you hadn’t received that slap across the face in the past? Would you be the same person?

Consequently, certain things are inevitable, because they help us grown and form our minds, however, it does make a difference how big the slap is, whether it’s bearable or it turns your world upside down. Many of these incidents can be processed and cleared on a spiritual level, thereby the severity of the slap can be mitigated. 


But how could I prevent it?

If you search for the reasons within, you will find answers. You become more conscious. Time and events move faster, and the only way we can gain understanding is through self-discovery. This is what I could help you with. In a personalized Soul Sound analysis, having attuned to your soul, I can give you information in writing about your life path and the mile stones of your life, that are presently can be revealed to you. In addition to that, as in a personal reading, I will answer your questions and give you practical advice and guidance. 

I can only guarantee the future outcomes if the person’s growth is continual and exponential. If, in the meantime, they got derailed and gave up, whether consciously or unconsciously, the answers can be postponed or even thematically prolonged. 

Everything depends on how well you know your strengths and opportunities. You can only live your life if you know who you are!


Frequently asked question and topics people generally ask about:

  • Relationship problems and solutions to manage them (mother, child, or any other relationship)
  • What changes do I need to make to live a more balanced life?
  • What sort of abilities do I have?
  • Unlocking the reasons for lack of confidence and guidance to clear them
  • Releasing traumas and facilitate healing 
  • Unveiling the spiritual reasons behind health problems 
  • Giving guidance when decisions need to me made
  • Analysing situations, circumstances or relationships 

‘If I choose this and that, how does that affect the outcome of events?’ is one of the best and easily answerable question you might ask. How many questions can you ask? As many as you would like? The extent of the analysis can go from a few pages to twenty pages.


Here you can inquire for a life cycle analysis: filotasmaria@ezoportal.hu