... is a session, in which we ask for information about personal matters, having attuned to the earthly and the above world’s energies. 

Before you decide to apply for one you must be clear on a few essentials:

- I will only give information about you. So if you would like to find out something about somebody else’s life, their feelings towards you or their personal matters I can not help you, as civil rights protect everyone, and the light energy does not give information about someone, who is not present or has not asked for help. Exempt from this:  

  • Your young child, since they are a part of you and energetically connected to you, thus we can get very accurate information about them. 
  • Your spouse, your parents and other relatives, to whom you are closely connected on a spiritual level - the extent and depth of the information depends on their soul’s permission, and they only disclose as much to you as is your concern or affects your life. 

- The concept of time is different in the spiritual world. They rarely say exact dates, in most cases they give deadlines and time intervals for 3-4 years, as detailed as one must know. There are certain things you must experience, and they can only give an outline, since the spiritual growth and our opportunities are fast changing, and some professions don’t even exist, that in 4-5 years time will be just as ordinary as clearing the soul is today. The future is ever changing, and a lot depends on the choices we make, and so I can only tell you about the potential paths, and certain things are not set in stone. 

- If you can don’t eat animal products (meat, dairy, egg, fats) the day before channeling, and drink lots of water. On the day of the channeling it’s advisable to eat only raw vegetables and fruits, and again to drink plenty of water. 

It’s a one-on-one session, only you and I will be present (feel free to bring any recording device, so you can listen to it later). We will be in a very strong energy field, in which we can ask what you would like to know (it’s best if you write your questions down on a piece of paper), and we attune to each other. While your questions will be answered, the light energy will be gently working on you, and so it’s recommended to rest and be alone afterwards. Take a day off to be able to digest what was said and start taking action. The tasks given to each person are specific, so the energy could start building in and lift up the soul. 

You can apply for channeling here: filotasmaria@ezoportal.hu

The duration of the session is 1 hour. 

An interesting fact!

In case you are pregnant and past your second trimester the baby on occasion speaks and gives information to the mother. It’s an incredible experience, since only years after our children’s birth we can talk to them in full sentences. Their soul communicates, not their mind… The growing little human’s soul gives information to the outside world. These tend to be short sentences, and can only be initiated by the baby, we can’t force the communication, merely facilitate an opening if they want to speak, and we show utmost respect.