Soul Sound Course


... so that you tap

into the sound of your soul, that you have been humming since you exist!

I have studied a lot of methods over the years, which I couldn’t use as efficiently as I would have liked. Some worked better, and some attracted a great number of people, still there is only one I truly believe in. I managed to develop a method, that I first utilized in my life, and since then many of my students applied to their own. The method is called: Soul Sound.

When it comes to purification the important thing is that one must feel an urge and be willing to put the work in for the sake of healing. There are many people unfortunately who wouldn’t believe they can heal themselves and accept they can have a full and happy life.

Asingle treatment is seldom enough to heal someone permanently, since the soul didn’t only get hurt one time either. The soul came to learn and proceed on the steps of evolution. It experiences everything, that it hadn’t been able to forget over and over again, be that previous happiness or some pain, which of course it wouldn’t want to relive again in this body. It’s no coincidence if you’re reading this and that whatever you had gone through broke you so that you would like to be lifted out of this world. The soul wants to remember the past and make good with what hurt. We weren’t the only ones getting hurt, we too were on the other side. Everything you had done, be it good or bad, appears in your life whether you want it or not. But that’s not everything. 

Don’t believe when you hear the end of the world is near. But something is coming to an end. The number of your incarnations. If you unveil your past lives, that still affect your present one and uncover the reason why you keep grinding in the mill of reincarnation the soul will give you the answer. 

This method assists you in hearing the sound of your soul, the song you have been humming since you exist. You can connect to the soft inner voice, which we call Soul Sound. You can identify the people in your life whom you should treasure this time around as well. 

Amongst many things the Soul Sound can show you this, but you could find answers to several other questions too. You can find out what’s the reason behind your financial difficulties and why you and your partner quarrel when you could be happy instead. 

The space clearing is not a case of getting the feather duster out, it’s a simple and easily applicableopportunity everyone has. The gym isn’t the only place where you can keep your body fit, you can also learn a number of energizing techniques you can practice on your family. 

I had racked my brain for years what could be the key? If healing took years what would be the point of living? So that we can dwell on the injuries of the past? It’s not possible that God created man just for that, there’s got to be a solution. I respect every method, that works with the soul as well as their creators. I believe the goal is the same, but the path leading to it can be a multi-lane road. In some you can move faster, and some are satisfied going in the slow lane. It doesn’t matter which one you’re in, we’re going to get where we’re headed either way, however, it does matter when we get there. If I want to be there in time I buy a sports car and get in the fast lane, I roll the window down and go for gold. No problem if my hair gets messed up by the time I get there, but my face will be glowing, because a new life is what’s waiting for me there. This is what I want to give you a sports car for, and you don’t even have to pay the lease for years. 

It always frustrated me when I had to repeat a treatment on someone again, hence most of the times I didn’t do it. Many therapists have entertained the idea to pass on their gift, which was given to them from above. For one thing it wasn’t a gift, since we had worked hard for it. On the other hand back in the days when the most important thing was to have a roof over one’s head, warm clothes and something to eat we didn’t need more than what was necessary to survive. Everyone showed their appreciation for the help as they could. It’s impossible to do nowadays when you have to pay for everything, even for the dog you keep, the water you drink and the clothes you wear. We are taxed in 

so many ways nowadays to exist. Therefore, if a healer today treats their ability as a gift they not only will not receive a gift in exchange, but the eviction notice will be soon stuck on their door. Healers try to establish a reasonable price for the treatment, but they don’t always succeed. 

I had learnt all kinds of therapies in the recent years, most of which I only may have taken a thought or two with me. Anything that gives you something and helps you grow can be useful. Anything that gives meaning to your life is useful, it was worth the energy. My aim is that you become your own teacher and the master of your children later. The master is successful when having shared their knowledge bears new masters. Before you decide lay down, close your eyes, and think back on your childhood. Is there anything you would like to erase with a rubber? Why is that you can hardly remember your life? You see, that’s how the soul works too. If it doesn’t like something, not to mention if it got hurt it doesn’t want to remember. The soul will not be at ease until you unlock it. You are the key, and multiple methods are available to open the lock. 

You can start now if you want, learning has nothing to do with age. Of course you need to be open to a certain degree, but if you’re reading this magazine and the words touch you, don’t wait any longer find the method closest to you and discover your soul. This isn’t the only way you can free yourself from the memories of your previous lives. Feel free to take a look around to see what’s out there and what speaks to you. Choose that! Your soul will decide, just pay attention to what it whispers to you. 

If you’re reading this and believe life can be more than what you have experienced until now quit waiting for your master! Look in the mirror! Look deep into those eyes, that you know so well! Ask them what they desire the most. You are your own master, and the teacher of your own life.

A brief description of the course:

  • teachings about the chemistry, the incarnations and the evolvement of the soul
  • freeing the soul from its burden, unlocking previous lives, letting go of negative beliefs and vows
  • we learn space cleansing, how to place protection and energizing techniques
  • your receive a tool to process yourself  
  • I teach you how to communicate with your soul
  • I give you an energy in initiation, that your body will adopt and start working with
  • chance to develop and strengthen your inner sight and inner hearing

The aftereffect of Soul Sound

Almost all my students tell me after having completed the Soul Sound course that their entire world changed. Many of them ask what if we start following our inner voice and realize what we believed to be real is merely an illusion? Because when we take a peek behind the scenes, the cover falls away and the show isn’t all that exciting anymore; we no longer stare at it dumbly. 

A new world starts to emerge, a deeper, more mysterious and infinitely more colorful world. The closer we get to the secrets of the Universe the bigger “fool” we must become. Take the first card of the Tarot, the Fool for example, who gladly tosses his previous life away and jumps into the unknown so that a new, more colorful world could open before him. That’s how you have to imagine most of my students.

An infamous sentence from the movie Matrix says it all: “If you stay in wonderland I’ll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember, all I’m offering is the truth.”

It’s like a drug. We constantly want to relive the experience when we connect to the Source, the little voice within talking to us. Most of my students lives tend to change radically after the course.They thought life was just a game before, however, now they found themselves in a different reality, a reality they believe to be theirs, or better yet the only reality there is.

What is real? If you close your eyes your mind wanders to a different reality, that isn’t in fact any less real than ours. Which one we believe to be real is a matter of opinion.

Reality in everyday terms is everything, that ever existed and everything, that still does. By nature reality is objective, but you can define it subjectively too. The final conclusion will be based on the individual’s ability to analyze, and so everyone has a personal reality, that they live in and form subconsciously. Everything affects everything, with which it comes in contact. For centuries there have been philosophical discussions and arguments about the reality unrelated to our consciousness. When man started to get to know the world surrounding them they formed their opinion as a mental cognition. In the process the world became a more complex reality, and due to certain natural forces and other inexplicable phenomenons emerged the mythical explanations and religions. 

As I was explained everything we absorb becomes a part of our reality. And since every creation of ours first manifests on the spiritual plane, via thought, it makes a huge difference the kind of reality we know and believe to be ours. The laws of the spiritual world declare that whatever manifests on Earth is first created in the above worlds. For instance when we want to paint a picture we first have to imagine it in our thoughts, then we can create it. Which means when we start painting the picture it already exists on a higher level, on the level of thought!

It’s up to us whether we believe that the world is a transitory station and we can make it into our own paradise or we buy what the media and the news or our previous negative experiences tell us. 

It all depends on us. The more we live in this wonderful new reality the sooner we will create it. 

I simplify it now, but if we at least accept we’re the ones that create every one of our earthly reality we move forward and inch our way closer to the one and only true force: God.

Corporations and smaller businesses alike come to me to ask how they could get their faltering businesses to boom and which direction the celestial guidance advises them to change and expand.

When in a firm many people work towards the same goal it’s extremely important to explore their individual life plans, their negative karma or perhaps the selfishly behaving partners and colleagues. It’s enough to have one person who(consciously or unconsciously) is headed in a different direction than the main goal of the company to block, or in some cases even sabotage, its development and profitability. 

Now is the time (between 2015 and 2020) to change the present structures of our businesses based on the guidance shown from above. It can come from the manager’s highly developed sense of intuition or through mediation. I was told that lasting and true success cannot be achieved by a person without celestial guidance. Of course that wasn’t always the case, but from December 21. 2012 the light became more prominent and expands more intensely. We can sense it in our personal lives as well as in the business world. 

This brings us to a new topic, the personal life plan or as I call it the book of destiny. In actual fact every person has drawn up a contract like that with the help of their guides, long before taking physical forms. This is very similar to the indian palm leaf manuscripts, but as I experienced we can get a more extensive and accurate life plan reading through medium channeling. This requires a deeper meditative state, but oncereached we can receive information about the individual’s precise plans and the milestones of their fate, which at certain crossroads can be personally changed if they make unfavourable choices, regardless of the warnings.

Nothing is predestined within one life. But it is predestined that our original life plan will be carried out. How many life times we need to accomplish that matters though. That’s why it’s good to be aware of our crossroads and opportunities so that taking them into consideration we can walk along the predetermined path. You don’t necessarily need outside help, a palm leaf manuscript or the book of destiny if you follow your heart when reaching a crossroad and pay attention to the sound of your soul, your inner guide and intuitions.

The Soul Sound can help you with all of this as well as lots of other things. The leaders from above urge us to find our inner voice - with any means available - and base our decisions on it and to never forget that the spark of our soul is in our hearts. Their goal with this or any other method is that we pay attention to ourselves and to remember where we came from and where we’re headed. At the end of our earthly station a new world is waiting for us, but until then the life we were given and live we have to make the most so that we can fulfill what we were born to do. 


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