but everyone calls me Mara, I am a sagittarius.


Maria Filotas

If I told you who I was before, would you believe me? Can a former IT engineer become a writer and a healer and be doing many other things, that are far out of her field of profession?We’re not merely what we are taught in school, but the experiences we gather and grow from in life. In order to find my true calling I had to get lost professionally a little bit. 


Since then my life changed in a way I never dared to imagine. I have changed. My life became an adventure, and I left behind everything I no longer needed. However, all the professional experiences I had gathered became a part of me, and though I may never fix computers or write programs again, instead I write magazines and the book of my destiny. Why do I share this with you? To encourage you to change as well! It’s never too late to change and study what you have dreamt of doing ever since you were a child. It doesn’t matter how old you are. The soul is eternal and immortal, it’s the mind that sees the connection between time and existence. 

I was 15 when I started attending all kinds of courses such as:

- Silva method, Feng-shui, DO IN, chakra studies, courses on self-discovery, Spirit healing, Angel communication, Deeksha energy healing, Spiritual response therapy, Shiatsu and Chi Nei Tsang massages


The balance between mind, body and soul is very important. I believe we create our lives and everything happens for a reason, there are no accidents!! I also believe that everyone can make their dreams come true and change their lives, if they let go of their negative thoughts and beliefs.


I’d like to help you to live a more fulfilled and happy life, to connect with Your spiritual guide and unravel the Miracle within You.

In case you don’t know where to begin or which treatment to choose:


The Soul Sound method, which I created, is quite intense and often produces physical symptoms in the body. This method doesn’t clear the endless bottom of the subconscious, but the soul, and it helps eliminate all negative experiences and imprints permanently. 

It’s a learnable technique, with which every person can best treat themselves. You don’t need any previous experience, nor any abilities, since the soul and the energy know exactly what to do… If you had enough of constantly being treated by others, come and experience the Soul Sound course. 


For a while I have been receiving messages from angels and supremely evolved spiritual leaders, and I’ve developed many healing methods with their help, that I also teach. My duty is to be a channel and to pass on information to as many people as possible. 

I channel your inner guide and other guides, whom follow you on your path. They are extremely evolved energies from the highest level of consciousness. Hence I don’t channel the deceased, so please don’t contact me with such requests. 


Should you have any questions feel free to write me to discuss which treatment would be best suited for you. And if you’re ready to learn come join us at the Soul Sound course. 

... so that you tap

into the sound of your soul, that you have been humming since you exist!